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SuperKids of Sherbrooke Founder Discusses Student Jobs with Prime Minister Trudeau

2017-02-15 SuperChefs alumnus Ryan Chang, who created the SuperKids of Sherbrooke program at Bishop’s University got a chance to chat with the Prime Minister during his recent visit on January 18th. details

Now Trending: The Making of a Food Movement- The James Beard Food Conference Oct 2016

2016-12-12 SuperChefs was taken on a journey that explored the work we do and to think strategically about how we can continue to achieve both our individual and collective goals in the food movement. We listened to invited experts from outside the food world to share their insights in fashion, trends, technology, business, philanthropy and social movement that inspired us and to be more effective in our efforts. Pictured is SuperChefs program director Jill Conklin and Dr. Greg with former Executive Chef of the Whitehouse/Executive Director Let's Move Sam Kass, one of the outstanding presenters during the unforgettable two days. If you missed it these sessions are viewable at details

SuperKids of Sherbrooke receives grant from Enactus Canada to continue work in Sherbrooke Quebec

2016-12-12 The program SuperKids of Sherbrooke created by Bishop's University finance student Ryan Chang, a longtime event coordinator for SuperChefs, received a $2500 grant from Enactus Canada to continue SuperKids work in the ESL school system in Sherbrooke Quebec. Enactus ( believes in investing in students who take entrepreneurial action for others to create a better world for us all. Congratulations to him and his team at Bishop's University! details

SuperKids of Sherbrooke Continues Community Fall programs in 2017

2016-12-12 Congrats to the SuperKids of Sherbrooke team, who recently completed several events in Sherbrooke Quebec! Their first event was at Ecole Champlain where Grade 6 ESL classes were treated to a pasta making class and how to eat healthy and purchase groceries while on a budget...20 children participated. The second event was held in partnership with Big Buddies at Bishop's University where 70 kids aged 6-12 learned to make low fat ice cream, participated in a finance game to buy family groceries on a budget and made collages of healthy meals. Great work by the SuperKids Enactus team consisting of Ryan Chang, Nathalie Destiny, Ashwin Sagar, Laura Wilmot, Ariel Giroux, Jameel Collins and Will Potash...Bishop's business students making a difference in their community! Bravo! details

SuperChefs visits ABC's The Chew

2016-11-24 During our trip to New York some of our SuperChefs team was able to catch a taping of ABC's The Chew in person. Many thanks to host Carla Hall and Jill Conklin (Carla's food stylist) for arranging a great time for us during the show. Not only did Carla display her culinary talents, but showed stamina and great moves on the dance floor! Accompanying Dr. Greg was SuperChefs creative director Sharon Jacobs, brand advisor Susan Roy and photographer Nicole Chang. details

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