Healthy Eating for Kids

Meet the SuperChefs of the Universe!

Six passionate young chefs from a universe far, far away called Munch are armed with a menu of nutritional foods called SuperChefs SuperFoods that grant super powers. Not since Popeye™, who was strong to the finish "cause he ate his spinach" has a cast of characters held such potential to change what children eat in North America and Worldwide.

SuperChefs Entertainment Inc. is a company dedicated to teaching kids invaluable cooking skills and promoting healthy eating habits by focusing our animated characters, the SuperChefs of the Universe, on entertaining and educating young children, in all forms of media, about the power and the fun that comes from the joy of cooking, eating nutritious foods and daily exercise and the lifelong impact they can have on their lives.

The commercialization of the SuperChefs of the Universe products will enable our Foundation to fund a variety of charitable initiatives to instill healthy lifestyles for children around the world like the SuperChefs Cookery for Kids.

The SuperChefs of the Universe brand will be the international gold standard for entertainment, live theater, cartoons, movies, games, publishing, cooking resorts for kids and commercial products that in combination champions the good health and lifestyles of all children wherever they live on earth.

Here are the Boys




Here are the Girls

Mirapoix or Mira for short



Here are the Villains

Deep Fry

Tuff Cookie

Sloppy Mo