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Join the SuperChefs team as they team up with kids to compete in the Long Noodle Contest during the Surrey Kids Conference. The SuperChefs all-girl Pasta Team get rolling after demonstrations of how to make fresh pasta and tomato sauce. They get busy in the kitchen making long noodles under the watchful eye of Executive Chefs Victor Bongo, Andrew George and Dr. Greg.

SuperChefs Cookery 2013 Highlights:

We had a great year this year with many events and sharing the passion of fun cooking with kids throughout many communities!

SuperChefs/Westin on Health Canada's Radar

At the Canadian Obesity Summit on Thursday May 2nd, 2013, at the Westin Bayshore the SuperChefs Cookery for Kids put on a cooking demonstration in the kitchens of the hotel to a select group of VIP's attending the Summit. Among them was Hasan Hutchinson is the Director General of the Office of Nutrition Policy and Promotion within the Health Products and Food Branch of Health Canada. As the focal point for public health nutrition within the federal government, the office strives to promote the nutritional health and well-being of Canadians. The Office’s main functions include dietary guidance, food and nutrition surveillance, research and data analysis, health promotion and public health nutrition policy.

The Welcome

Hassan Hutchinson flipping crepes with the SuperChefs Team:

The Pasta:


Marion Harper Treskin welcomed the group (including leaders in the food and beverage categories, and former Director at CDC in Atlanta) and spoke of how Westin's core brand values of health and wellness tied in very nicely with SuperChefs goals, and Executive Chef Joe Campo described the many events that have been held the Westin Bayshore. The guests were treated to fresh pasta and delicious crepes made by the team of SuperChefs kids and Executive Chefs, including Chef Andrew George (World Culinary Gold Olympian), Chef Victor Bongo (Awarded Top Ten Chefs in Canada and soon to be seen on Chopped!), and Dr. Greg Chang (Founder/Creator SuperChefs Cookery for Kids).

Dr. William Dietz (former Director of CDC in Atlanta) having fun with the team.

One of our SuperChefs kids Surrey's Tina Nguyen showing her knife skills.

The SuperChefs team.


SuperChefs Cookery for Kids Society/Community Volunteer Program Review 2012

The Superchefs Cookery for Kids Society, in partnership with UBC Dentistry and other organizations, supported a number of key events this past year to further improve the health and well-being of children worldwide, by giving them the knowledge and skills to make healthy eating and lifestyle choices and instilling lifelong family and community values using food as a means of communicating these objectives.

Detailed below are some of the activities Superchefs Cookery Society hosted during the 2012 year:

Nov 16, 2013: 
Surrey Kids Conference
: The SuperChefs Executive Chefs and team will demonstrate and teach a hands on cooking course to teach kids how to make the perfect pregame pasta meal so they can make fresh pasta for themselves and their families at home.

Click here to watch the video from this event.



Oct 27, 2012:
West Coast Guides Iron Chef Competition: SuperChef Founder Dr.  Greg is invited as a guest judge during the 2012 Iron Chef competition held at Woodward Landing in Richmond BC and included over 100 guides at the themed Vampire Dinner. Each dish had to include red in its components and Dr. Greg and the other judges had a great time tasting all the dishes prepared on campfire stoves!

Click here to watch the video from this event.


July 3-Aug 23, 2012:
Dr. Greg’s Summer SuperChefs Cookery Camps in Surrey BC
: A partnership between SuperChefs Cookery Society, Basketball BC, Kinsmen Lodge and help from the Surrey School District (SD36), seven Surrey inner city elementary schools took part in a week long camp which saw them cook in the morning, do a field trip to a farm, cook with and for Elders at Kinsmen Lodge, and receive basketball training everyday from Basketball BC Nationally Certified coaches. Click here to watch the video from this event.

July 21-22, 2012:
Fusion Festival
. SuperChefs Circus Show, SuperChefs Band and SuperChefs Cookery for Kids perform four shows at this festival in Surrey voted Canada’s most successful multicultural event and attended by over 100,000 people. Click here to watch the video from this event.

June 1-3, 2012:
SuperChefs at Eat!Vancouver
. SuperChefs staff and kids put on 8 shows during the event held at BC Place Stadium which attracted over 40,000 people over the three day event.
Videos from this wonderful event: Video 1 & Video 2 

May 24-27, 2012:
Superchefs Indigenous Cookery on Quadra Island
, a partnership between Kwakiutl District Council (KDC) and Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA).  Traditional cooking techniques with Culinary Olympic medalist Chef Andrew George and a team of Superchefs Counselors, chefs and volunteers-and guest Dr. David Suzuki! Click here to watch the video from this event.

May 17, 2012:
SuperChefs Cookery at Georgetown Westin, Washington, D.C.

A meeting with representatives of the White House preceded this event to discuss Superchefs’ strategy of dealing with Childhood Obesity. Click here to watch the video from this event.

April 28, 2012:
Party for the Planet in Surrey Central City
. SuperChefs hosted a pavilion where we showed children and families how to make bannock bread while giving out over 1200 samples of bread, toothbrushes and nutritional information to the crowd of over 5000 people. Click here to watch the video from this event.

March 15, 2012
Food and Beverage Conference, Starwood Resorts, Denver Colorado
. Superchefs was invited to present our program in front of 750 Executive Chefs and Managers at the Starwood F&B Conference as a means of introducing our program as Starwood’s Global Citizenship Program. Starwood funded airfares and accommodations for our team and some of our Advisory Board members, SuperChefs Counselors and Kids and Directors to put on the presentation, which resulted in pilot SuperChefs programs run in Denver, Washington DC and Boston, and a partnership arrangement presently being worked out between our organization and Starwood Resorts.

March 15, 2012:
SuperChefs at Surrey’s State of the City Address
by Mayor Dianne Watts-SuperChefs kids from Surrey helped prepare the luncheon at this event held at the Guildford Sheraton and helped familiarize Surrey City Council and the business community of Surrey about our organization.


SuperChefs Takes Part at the "State of the City Address" Event in Surrey, BC

SuperChefs fight against childhood obesity was presented before 700 Food and Beverage Starwood Executives from all over North America- SuperChefs team members included Creator/Founder Dr. Greg Chang, Founding President Jean Luc Barone of SuperChefs Cookery for Kids(Presently VP Global Food and Beverage Starwood Resorts and Hotels), his daughter,  a Charter SuperChefs Councillor Alexandra Barone, and Mark Grigg, Executive Chef from Sheraton Guildford, all from Surrey. Also included in the SuperChefs team were Lisa Kimmel (Registered Dietician/Sport Nutritionist from Yale University), Glori Burrell (Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Atlanta),  and from the Lower Mainland Michael Morgan (Director/Communications SuperChefs Cookery), and our veteran SuperChefs Kids Fionnula Sherbot, Allen Diaz de Leon and SuperChefs Councillor Emma Germain. Please see enclosed pics below.


We had been invited down to Denver for their inaugural Starwood food and beverage convention, and we were introducing SuperChefs Cookery as a solution in their quest for a universal Global Citizenship Program. The presentation was a great success, and included a video visit from Co-creator/writer of SuperChefs of the Universe Ian James (7 time Emmy Award Winner for Sesame Street), on stage cooking demos from the SuperChefs team, a video of the SuperChefs program being run out of the kitchens of the Denver Sheraton , and Executives from Starwood Resorts North America. All this was happening while the SuperChefs were serving the Mayor and other guests during the Mayor's State of the City Address-Chef Mark Grigg's team at the Sheraton Guildford did an outstanding job while Mark told Starwood Chefs from all over North America of the SuperChefs program he prepared his team for and executed in Surrey, BC. One of the highlights included Allen, a Superchefs kid for 4 years, rellecting on his involvement in the program and the fact he has lost 40 pounds as a result-this brought the over 700+ crowd to a thunderous ovation!

SuperChefs Takes Part at the "State of the City Address" Event in Surrey, BC

The SuperChefs Cookery for Kids were in the kitchens of the Sheraton Guildford, Surrey, BC, with Executive Chef Mark Grigg and Executive Sous Chef Colin Marais as they prepare our SuperChefs kids to help out in the kitchen for Mayor Dianne Watts' State of the City Address on March 13, 2012.

Click to watch this video!

SuperChefs in Your Community

Come visit with the SuperChefs gang as the SuperChefs Live Circus Show and the SuperChefs Kids and Counsellors take to the road and perform and teach their culinary talents at various venues in the community. 

It is a fun and wonderful journey watching our youth deliver the SuperChefs program with confidence, expertise and passion! Contact us to bring our magic to a community event near you!

Click image left to watch our video.

Summer 2011: SuperChefs Cookery for Kids Summer Classes

We are pleased to announce that SuperChefs Cookery for Kids Classes are coming this Summer and Fall!!! These will be day camps and will be popular - please contact us for details and booking at 604.951.0530, or email

SuperChefs Cookery for Kids at UBC Alumni Weekend May 28, 2011

CLick to view photos from this event!

On May 28th during the UBC Alumni Weekend Party at the Point, the SuperChefs of the Universe were out in full force , with the SuperChefs kids making and sharing other kids in the community their culinary skills where they made over 600 crepes, helped families make over 500 granola bars, handing out fresh fruit, vegetables and tofu samples, while the SuperChefs Live Circus Show delighted the audience with their amazing Circus Skills and after conducting antic workshops and signing autographs for their young fans. It was a great day for family entertainment and a great community volunteer event for the young SuperChefs kids to share their culinary knowledge they have acquired from the program. Thanks to all the volunteers and participants! Click here for PHOTOS from this wonderful event »

SuperChefs Community Volunteer Program ~ Cookery at Quadra Island
Tides Canada Foundation makes a difference…

The SuperChefs Community Volunteer Program in partnership with UBC Dentistry aims to improve the health and well-being of children worldwide, by giving them the knowledge and skills to make healthy eating and lifestyle choices and instilling lifelong family and community values using food as a means of communicating these objectives. In order to help realize this goal, SuperChefs Cookery Society has partnered with the UBC Faculty of Dentistry to create a community volunteer clinical program where dental students help run the Cookery and deliver oral health promotion education to children & their families. This partnership will engage UBC dental students in the experiential world of community dentistry, and as such train a future team of health care professionals who understand and are dedicated to promoting overall health to the families they will see on a regular basis in their future practice. The program called the SuperChefs Cookery at Taku on Quadra Island took place Aug 8-11, 2010 on Quadra Island, British Columbia.


With the generous support of the Tides Canada Foundation, there were a number of successful outcomes achieved at the Cookery for the three main groups: The children attending the Cookery, the dental students from UBC volunteering at the Cookery, and the counsellors volunteering during the Cookery.

Intended Outcomes:


  • Through farm to table and ocean to table experiences at the Cookery, gain an understanding and appreciation of where food comes from, simple and nutritional ways to prepare this food, experience food preparation in a communal setting and gain an appreciation of sustainable food practices.
  • Develop a sense of responsibility to become role models for SuperChefs’ healthy eating and lifestyle practices at home, in school and within their community
  • Gain a good understanding of nutritious foods, caloric intake and its effect on weight, healthy oral practices and appropriate meals and snacks to prevent dental disease and obesity.

UBC Dental Students

  • To experience involvement in a community health volunteer program involved with prevention of childhood obesity and how it pertains to the dental profession
  • To lead nutrition and oral health program information to the children at the Cookery and engage them in a fun and effective manner
  • Lead the children in physical activities to promote physical activity as an ongoing lifestyle choice and reinforce its benefits.

Counsellor Volunteers

  • To supervise the children attending the Cookery, making sure they act as good role models for the children and encourage them to lead an active healthy lifestyle
  • Provide instruction and supervision in all cooking sessions so children perform cooking tasks in a safe and timely matter
  • To provide inspiration to the children in the Cookery in physical activity, cooking and creative/musical events to further encourage and empower the children to become leaders of community projects of their own.

From the data collected from the surveys it appears the program has had some great successes not only from the children attending the Cookery, but also from the dental students and volunteers as well. It appears all involved in the program are engaged and willing to help with future SuperChefs programs, and this is important as we build up an army of SuperChefs supporters that can instill good healthy living practices in their family household, in their schools and their communities. We definitely have seen success in one of our SuperChefs, as he has lost 30 pounds in one year since he first attended the Cookery at Zajac Ranch. Below is a quote from one of the parents of the children:

"Our daughter has been very fortunate to have participated in the SuperChefs Cookery over the last two years. She enjoyed it so much she asked her teacher if she could do a presentation about the SuperChefs, followed by a hands-on cooking class! She put on her chefs jacket, divided the class up and led them through making a fruit salad and smoothies, followed by eating their "projects". She planned the menu, shopped for the food, and thought about how to ensure everyone was involved. The whole class enjoyed it, and she was able to share some of the messages about healthy eating with her classmates followed by a hands-on experience. Thanks SuperChefs!"

July 26th - 29th, 2009 (

The SuperChefs Cookery at the Zajac Ranch a Big Hit!

Click to watch SuperChefs Cookery for Kids at Zajac Ranch Video!

Click to view photo gallery from this wonderful event!On Sunday July 26-29th, twenty children from the Britannia Community Centre area of Vancouver were invited to partake in the inaugural SuperChefs Cookery at Zajac Ranch. For many of these kids, it was their only opportunity to go away for the summer. The children, aged 9-12 years old, had cooking instruction from our Chefs from the Advisory Board, Carol Murphy Clyne (Culinary Institute of America ) and her husband Vin, and Jean Luc Barone ( GM, Westin Bayshore Hotel and Resorts) and his colleague and celebrated Chef Vanessa Mendoza.

The kids were kept active by our Headmaster Stephan Grasmuck and his wife Judy and their team of counsellors, (Day Scott, Emma Germain, Nicki Evans, Tessa Fraser, Justin Bhuttar, Alexandra Barone, Lauren Chang, Ryan Chang and Austin Chang. Supervisors (Derek Soong) and youth sports leaders that included Circus West’s Jay Nunns, Youth in Fitness’ Todd Kozinka, The Inflatable Theatre Company’s Fred Garbo. When they weren’t cooking at the Stake Out or kitchen, the children were catching footballs from the BC Lions football launcher, playing various team sports, kayaking, partaking in the low ropes and archery programs or putting on skits and circus shows. They had an absolutely wonderful time, as one of the children exclaimed as he was late arriving for one of the scheduled activites, “sorry I’m late-I got caught up in the magic!”.

The Cookery was also an opportunity to unveil the SuperChefs Live Cirque Show, a co-production with Circus West. The show starred some of Circus West’s top young Circus performers in disciplines including trapeze, lira, tissu, acrobatics and juggling. The performers included Quinn Spicker (Potpan), Quinn Beasley (Wrapper), Alicia French (Tough Cookie), Lauren Joe (Spicer), Dominique LeBlanc (Mirapoix), Rosalie LeBlanc (Coco), Ben Courtenay (Mixer) and Michaela Albert (Tissu Artist). The show was comical, highly energized and very entertaining with high production values and a fitting message about the power of good food at the finale. The costumes were well orchestrated by Nicole Chang, and very colourful and dynamic with many interesting props.

We were also treated to the talents of Fred Garbo and his Alien Inflatable number, that was unique and over the top funny. The SuperChefs Counsellors bands, one an acoustic trio (Cloe Tang, Jordan Tang and Austin Chang) , and the other a rock band, which featured all the counsellors, belted out I’m a Believer and Hungry Like A Wolf.

We had a number of volunteers we wish to thank who helped pull the production together, including Brian Chow and his film crew James Ross and Brian Arabsky (lights, sound), Jason Chen (sound, stage, lights), Kelly Kader (Hair), Fred Garbo (stage, production, performer), Kelly Boutilier and Ryan, Dagny Helgason, Suzette Damon, Mathew Mayo (kitchen helpers) and Jay Nunns and Tammy Knight (Circus West). The show was preceded by a reception that was catered by Jean Luc Barone and Vanessa Mendoza, who prepared an array of delectable hors d’oeurves that were simply out of this world. Organizing the reception as well as the prestigious SuperChefs Chef Jackets was our SuperChefs Executive Assistant Anne Pothier, who also assisted with assembling some kitchen equipment for the Cookery, putting together the SuperChefs Cookery Book for the children to take home, and organizing the volunteers in the kitchen and during the reception.

This all could not have happened without the enthusiasm and hard work of Michael Morgan and his able bodied assistant Cindy Wallace, who both worked tirelessly to ensure the SuperChefs Cookery was a success. They enlisted help from the Britannia Community Centre’s Tom Higashio, who recruited the kids, and we can’t forget the two counsellors from Britannia, Ricky Tu and Maryland Quijada, who accompanied the children throughout the Cookery. Betty Chan secured transportation for the kids to and from the Cookery, with Candice Harris Rivera volunteering to drive the bus to and from Zajac Ranch. A big thanks to Heidi and Mario Luongo, who provided nursing services to the children before boarding the bus and during the opening. Also a great big thanks to Carole Anne Soong, who donated money for the project, Sunrise Markets (Peter and Shirley Joe) who donated most of the food for the cooking classes, The Spice Depot for donating the Spices, and Gaults, who donated pans and utensils for the children to take home. Of course we must mention the support and financial assistance of Mel and Wendy Zajac, who opened their Ranch to us and made the entire project a reality. As well, thanks to the staff at Zajac Ranch (Tammy and Irv, Andrew, Simon, Ed, Brittany and Zac) who helped make our stay as comfortable as possible even through the heat wave that occurred during our stay.

Overall, it turned out to be a great community project in which everyone, not only the children that attended the Cookery, benefitted from in some way. Additional Cookery programs are being planned for sites in Quadra Island BC at Taku Resort, an inspiring location owned by Milton and Fei Wong, a resort dedicated to passing along intergenerational social values, a cornerstone in dealing with childhood obesity-ie getting back to the basics. There, children can visit oyster and mussel farms, go prawning and fishing, ocean kayaking, hiking and harvest honey and vegetables from organic gardens for a garden to table culinary experience. We look forward to the next SuperChefs Cookery in 2010 in our goal to suppress the growth and prevent childhood obesity.

And remember... a good chef is never without friends!

Our Mission Statement:

The SuperChefs Cookery empowers children in the battle against childhood obesity by teaching the essentials of balanced nutrition, food preparation, and social etiquette toward inspiring lifelong habits of physical and social well-being. Under the direction of world class professional chefs and educators, students learn in an enriched setting focussed upon the joy of cooking while engaging in a residential program featuring team-building, athletic and artistic pursuits..


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